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Palazzo '900 Padua: A blend of modernity, luxury, and history.

Wellness. Elegance. Hospitality. In Padua.
Feeling at home even while traveling, indulging in the pleasure of a unique location.

Most requested apartments

"Il Cattedratico"

"Il Prato"

“We believe that hospitality in one of the apartments at Palazzo '900 is more than just a place to sleep. Our spaces are not just simple apartments; we build relationships with our guests and help transform their stay into something unforgettable”
Antonio - Managing Director

Palazzo '900 is...

We are not just a place to sleep; we want to build a relationship with our guests.

Top-notch services.

The apartments vary in type and size, and in each one, you'll find taste and quality in the surroundings

LAGO design furnishings

For LAGO, design is a unified system where each piece of furniture represents an individual element of a whole.

Cleaning and Welcome Kit

Apartments with hotel-level cleaning, well-organized, comfortable rooms, and aesthetically appealing design

Free Wi-Fi

All apartments offer complimentary high-speed internet connection

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Palazzo '900 is an ideal reference point for stays of a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. Whether for vacation, work, or any of your needs

Prices and rates

Information on the prices of the apartments at Palazzo '900 for your unforgettable holidays in Padua and throughout the Veneto region, both in Padua and beyond